GFM Ohio Valley Leaders Summit

Saints Peter and Paul Retreat Center

GFM Ohio Valley Leaders Summit 2017                  

May 19-20, 2017

Saints Peter and Paul Retreat Center♦2734 Seminary Rd SE♦Newark, OH 43056-9339

We are glad you are considering joining leaders of other graduate Christian fellowships in the Ohio Valley for our very first GFM Ohio Valley Leaders Summit! The idea behind this gathering is to bring together current and future leaders of graduate fellowships for an overnight to think about the vision, personal life, and inter-personal life of a leader–not only with your graduate fellowship, but in your professional life. We want to see the kingdom of Jesus advance in your life, on your campus, in your academic or professional calling, and at research universities across the Ohio Valley. You will have the opportunity to learn from InterVarsity staff who work with graduate fellowships, and other leaders. Our time will include good food, a rich fare of training, plenty of time to talk with other leaders, and personal time for reflection in a retreat center setting. Here is a tentative schedule for our time together:


  • 6:00  Arrive
  • 7:00 Dinner
  • 8:00 Vision for University Leaders
  • 8:45 Concert of Prayer for our Campuses
  • 9:30 Mixer/Free Time


  • 8:00 Breakfast
  • 9:00 The Inner Life of University Leaders
  • 10:15 Break
  • 10:45 Personal Reflection
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 1:00 Essential skills for University Leaders
  • 2:30 Break
  • 3:00  Strength for the Journey: Wrap-up
  • 4:00 Depart

Who is coming? We are expecting graduate students from Case, Cleveland State, Carnegie-Mellon, Ohio State and the University of Cincinnati to attend (and possibly one or two other schools).

Cost: The full cost of the Leaders Summit is $75. We are offering a subsidized rate of $50 for all participants. Please don’t let finances keep you from coming but let your InterVarsity staff know if finances are an issue. We think this time is so important for you, and for the advance of kingdom work among graduate students in the Ohio Valley that we will figure out a way for you to come!

Registration:  Please complete the online registration by following this link [registration is now live], where you will be able to pay via credit card the registration fee. We also are able to make arrangements for other forms of payment. Upon registration, you will receive additional information on what to bring and how to prepare for our time together. Registration deadline is May 8!

We are praying and looking forward to what God will do as we gather together to seek his kingdom in our lives and on our campuses!

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