Tricks or Magic?

Writing this post at the end of a long day that began with an early morning meeting in Columbus and ended in Pittsburgh.  Probably the most extraordinary meeting was one in the early afternoon with Rick Wellock of Serving Leaders. Rick has been a coach to one of my colleagues and as we talked about this person’s work and our collaboration around some matters of common concern, he posed the question to us, “are you going to settle for performing a few tricks or do some real magic?”  He picked up that there were some things we were passionate about and had an original contribution to make in our organization and we could dabble about in our own little corners or commit ourselves to being allies in doing what I called “original work of excellence.”

I’m ending the day thinking back to this.  Perhaps this blog is one of those ways to move beyond tricks to magic–to write about the books and the things I care about in the hope that they might engage a wider audience.  Likewise, professionally, we are talking about some ideas and experimenting with some practices that may (or may not) lead to breakthroughs with some problems our organization has wrestled with.  Rick’s challenge to us was would we clear the distractions from our lives so that we could pursue some real magic–to use all our accumulated skill in our work under God’s grace to move from tricks to magic?

I think I will be pondering this one for a while…

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