Your Favorite Posts of 2013

I thought it would be fun (and an interesting learning exercise for me) to share my top ten posts in terms of views from this past year. They are listed in order of the number of views:

1. Ten Things Columbus People Do When Snow is Forecast. People in Columbus go bonkers when it snows. Apparently a number of you love to read about our fears of “snowmageddon”.

2. Writing on Reading. This was my very first post written back on August 13 with a photo of a stack of books. Since then, I’ve read a few of them!

3. 3 Steps to Reading Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. This was a re-post of a BookRiot post with some additional thoughts from me posted just the other day!

4. Best Reads of 2013. And this was just posted yesterday and consists of all my 5 star GoodReads reviews.

5. Mr Rogers Was Right. I reflect here on recent neuroscience research and how Mr Rogers approach to TV was good for the emotional and cognitive development of children.

6. Review: Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology Out of Your College Classroom Will Improve Student Learning. This is the only one of my book reviews to make the top 10! I suspect the title attracted at least a few views, and maybe a few others from people who needed a summary of the book for education classes.

7. You Lost Me, The Conversation about Creation Care. One of a series of blogs my son and I did on David Kinnaman’s book, You Lost Me. Fascinating that the issue of creation care was of such interest.

8. How I Review a Book. This is a surprise to me. My guess is that students writing book reports reference this!

9. Confession. My reflections on ways the church leadership of my generation has failed Millenials that sparked the idea of the blog interchange with my son.

10. The Strange Act of Forgiveness. Ironic that this follows the previous blog. It actually was some reflections on forgiveness in the light of the death of Nelson Mandela.

“Bob on Books” has been an interesting venture into the world of blogging since I began last August. I’ve learned quite a bit from other bloggers, including my son. I’ve been able to post most every day (this is post 136) and as of today posts on the blog have been viewed over 3200 times since the blog’s inception. Yesterday was my best day ever for views! Thanks to all of you who have read and especially those of you who have commented. Blogging is one form of online learning community that brings together for me my loves of the world of education and of forming communities. Writing helps me think more clearly about the things that are the theme of this blog: books, reading, and life, and a good part of that is interacting with my readers! So thanks to all of you who have joined me on the blogging journey! I look forward to our conversations in 2014!

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