Bob on Books is Responsive!

If you have visited this site regularly you will notice a new look! I am now using a WordPress theme that is “responsive”. This means that it “responds” to the type of device you are using rather than just working well on a computer screen. I’ve been learning that many of you view posts on your smart phone, or maybe a tablet and that it didn’t render as well on these media. This new theme does. I have also learned that Google is modifying its search algorithms to favor “responsive” pages

I’ve made a few other changes as well. Now, all my post categories appear in the menu bar at the top. Clicking on an item, say “The Month in Reviews”, will take you to all the posts written under this category. You will notice that the font size is larger and easier to read. On all pages, the follow, blogs I follow, copyright, Goodreads and other “widgets” are on the right, a cleaner look. The RSS feed, which not many use, is in the footer area. I will be playing with this over the next days as I work with it, but I hope you like it. Let me know what you think!

3 thoughts on “Bob on Books is Responsive!

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