Growing Up in Working Class Youngstown — Arby’s


Old fashioned Arby’s sign. Photo by Jim, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr

Remember when the first Arby’s opened on Route 224 in Boardman? We used to drive over from the West Side to get a bag full of Arby’s on Sunday evenings. At first there weren’t many options other than a regular roast beef sandwich. This was still fast food, but definitely a cut above the hamburger places that were spreading all over the country. And in a blue collar town like Youngstown, it was red meat on a robust bun. A couple would make a good meal for under $2 in the early days.

That Arby’s was literally the first. Arby’s as a fast food chain started in Youngstown in 1964. The name comes from Raffel Brothers (Forrest and Leroy), hence R.B, or Arby’s. It also is the abbreviation of Roast Beef (clever, huh?). The chain spread rapidly, beginning to spread to other states in 1970, by which time they were growing at a rate of 50 stores a year. The menu expanded as well with Beef ‘n Cheddar sandwiches, Curly Fries, and Jamocha shakes, among other things. Eventually they opened up a franchise in Kilcawley Center at Youngstown State, replacing Hardees, which was there when we were students and an entirely forgettable chain as far as we were concerned.


Arby’s in Kilcawley Center, Jgera5 of English Wikipediaself-taken photo by the author, Public Domain

In 1976, the corporation was sold for the first of several times, first to Royal Crown Cola, then DWG Corporation owned by Victor Posner, and eventually the parent company of Wendy’s (which began in Columbus, Ohio–we live a stone’s throw from their headquarters). Currently Roark Capital Group has the controlling interest with Wendy’s continuing to have a minority share.

Arby’s seems to be doing well these days, with James Earl Jones doing voice-overs on their commercials. [Note: Several readers pointed out and I confirmed that it is in fact Golden Globe award winning actor Ving Rhames. Thanks for the correction!] We still like to stop by to get a sandwich occasionally, and even though they now have fancier deli style sandwiches, I almost always just get a roast beef sandwich. I always reflect on what that sandwich and I have in common–we were both born in Youngstown!

14 thoughts on “Growing Up in Working Class Youngstown — Arby’s

  1. My first real job out of college was at an advertising agency that was the first agency Arby’s ever had. It was called Meek & Thomas when Arby’s hired them, and they were on Belmont Avenue in Youngstown, Ohio. I was always proud when they showed the original Arby’s TV commercials to prospective new clients. So glad the Raffel Bros. hired a local agency to do their work. I think they may have also owned a hot dog place called Jib Jab on South Avenue.

  2. The best things come from Youngstown, Ohio! I wish someone would restore the orginial Arby’s building. It looks pretty bad the way it is. Birds Unlimited is in there now and there are so many overgrown weeds outside….it looks so unloved. Arby’s deserves better than that.

  3. I remember that first Arby’s. We would go there when we wanted something more than a hamburger, as you said. I also remember a call from a young lady (a Chaney girl) late one evening who, using her feminine charms, convinced me to drive to Boardman and get her an Arby’s sandwich. She was very persuasive. Perhaps that is why she went into advertising (see Sallie, above). 🙂

  4. Arby’s has certainly come a long way. Their Signature Sandwiches are delicious. Our local Arby’s even had a lamb gyro for awhile, which I really liked. Then, of course, they discontinued it. 😟

  5. Yes Raffle brothers did open Jib Jab.If I remember correctly there was 3 of them.Belmont South Ave and 422 in Girard

  6. 1) Dr. Jim Sansone was working (high school) at the first Arby’s and he is the one who invented the Jamocha Shake.
    2) Raffel Bros was still going strong 25 years later. They designed a 25 year anniversary campaign which included a Boardman Class of 64 dance concert featuring (honestly) Lesley Gore and a number of lesser lights. Best class reunion ever!

  7. At one point Arby’s changed from Argentine beef to a preformed “meat” product. I was told by an employee at their headquarters it was because of an inconsistency in taste of the beef. I believe this was bullshit and they were just trying to save money, I imagine most of the people in this site never had an original Arby’s. I stop and try their sandwich now and then, not the same. Mystery meat has no taste.

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