Memories of “over the river and through the woods.”

Of dinner’s at grandmother’s house,

Where we had to go for long walks to work off all the food.

Of mom’s turkey stuffing, and cranberry dressing and a big drumstick on my plate.

Men cleaning up in the kitchen afterwards, hand washing mountains of dishes,

and then gathering around to find out how badly the Lions would lose this year.


Memories of later years of dinners at the Timberlanes,

Of three hours, sometimes stretching to four or five in traffic,

All worth it to see loved ones once again,

and to give thanks for one more year of having them in our lives.


Those years have passed, as have those loved ones,

We still gather with family and friends,

No longer the youngest, nor yet the eldest,

but increasingly aware of the blessings of life, and health, and friends.


To remember opens one up to the fleeting character of our lives,

And yet also to the goodness of that life in all its brevity.

Family recipes and shared stories,

Delicious smells and inside jokes,

Grandpa nodding off while the children play, quarrel, and make up,

A tear for grandma who is no longer with us,

News of a baby on the way.


For a day we set the world’s troubles aside,

for the goodness of turkey and dressing,

pumpkin or sweet potato pie.

Shared in a circle of love.




6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to Bob and all who love Y-Town!! Came back to spend the holiday with our son in Canfield. Loving Y-town time ☺️
    Michelle Humans White

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  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, too. I give thanks for the good people like you I have met through electronic means, who have challenged me to think anew of spiritual matters while reminding me of years past. God bless you and yours.

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  3. Loved the comments about Thanksgiving memories. These were my memories from Youngstown except in the 50’s and 60’s there were NEVER men in the kitchen cleaning up mounds of dishes. They were in the den snoozing in front of the TV while the young girls were in the kitchen cleaning up and the women lingering over coffee before getting pumpkin pies organized. When dessert was done the Aunts taught the nieces how to play canasta while the men woke up to watch the game.
    There are none in Youngstown this year. We are scattered throughout the country. My brother and wife are visiting their daughter and son in law in San Diego CA and I am down from Seal Beach Ca as we 5 gather in a local restaurant later today…at least we are still family together.
    Temperatures promise to be 80-90, the hottest in years. We have 3 days together. This is the first we have been together since Eleanor and Hio’s wedding a year ago in September. When will we be together again…who knows. But we are till Saturday…thank God!!
    Thank you Bob for sharing memories of Youngstown. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

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