The Literary Confessional


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I’ve just begun a delightful little book, I’d Rather Be Reading, by a kindred spirit, Anne Bogel. In her opening chapter, she talks about literary confessions, the guilty secrets of bibliophiles, such as the important literary works they haven’t read, or didn’t like.  That got me thinking about some of my own literary confessions:

  • I just don’t get why everyone loves the work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
  • Great American Read just named To Kill A Mockingbird its “Great American Read.” I think East of Eden by John Steinbeck a far better literary work, which didn’t even make the list.
  • There are at least a couple series that I really like that I have never finished. I’ve nearly finished them and have all the books. I guess I don’t want them to end.
  • I am ashamed how little of Shakespeare I have ever read.
  • My unread books might outnumber the ones I’ve read.
  • We didn’t have “young adult” fiction when I was a young adult–and now I feel too old to read it!
  • There was a period when I binged on Tom Clancy novels.
  • I’m reading Cloud Atlas right now, and liking it more than I thought I would.
  • I have not read a single Harry Potter story.
  • I avoided reading Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle growing up, but have enjoyed his Lanny Budd books, perfect on my Kindle for morning workouts on the treadmill.
  • I loved Calvin’s Institutes. Calvin loved God, and wrote with precision.
  • I think John Henry Cardinal Newman had great ideas that get lost in an effluvia of words!
  • I think most theologians could use a good dose of G. K. Chesterton in their writing.
  • I’m a sucker for a good baseball book, or even a bad one!

I could go on, but my literary soul already feels better…and it is time to give you a turn at the confessional.

So, what are your literary confessions, those guilty secrets of which you would like to unburden yourself with other bibliophiles? It is even OK to confess your outrage at some of my confessions!

5 thoughts on “The Literary Confessional

  1. 1. I just requested several more new titles. They were opportunities to read that I couldn’t turn down. Two of the books were on writing, maybe they’ll help me write more reviews 😉

    2. This morning I shared my enthusiasm to read a book tonight, but in reviewing my schedule I see that I am going out to a play. I’ll have to wait another day, maybe tomorrow night.

    3. I am much less a reviewer than one who enjoys sharing particular quotes, musings, and book recommendations. This is probably more social media and personal conversation than blogging. But maybe the books mentioned in #1 can assist me.

    4. I likewise have not read a single Harry Potter story. Considering the films and the commentary I’ve received on them from family who have read the books, I believe that I am covered quite well. Thank-you.

    5. One of my favorite experiences when opening the mailbox is to find a new or soon to be released InterVarsity Press book.

    6. “I loved Calvin’s Institutes. Calvin loved God, and wrote with precision.” Amen!

    7. “I think John Henry Cardinal Newman had great ideas that get lost in an effluvia of words!” True, but I enjoy and am inspired by the effluvia of words 😉 At times I wish a life such as John Henry Cardinal Newman. But I live at a different time and have made different commitments.

    8 a. With my current commitments, it is best that I not confess what I have not read.

    8 b. But do not fear, I will generate such a list once I have completed the Doctor of Ministry. Pray for that day to come quickly.

    8 c. I hope to share my work with you so that you’ll have another piece to read.

    8 d. Communities of conversation are vital to my pressing on with life on the edge of being a bibliophile. You are inspiration. Thank-you Bob!

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