My Reading Goals For 2020

reading goalsTo a certain degree, reading has been one of those pursuits guided by my interest of the moment. Even with books I’ve agreed to review, my choice of the next read is often a function of interest–unless I’ve had the book for a while.

But there are some goals, or at least aspirations, I have for the coming year:

  1. I want to read at least a couple of the books on my “Ten Books I Want to Read Before I Die.” I read Chernow’s Washington and Hannah Arendt’s Origins of Totalitarianism this past year. For this year, I hope to read Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age and Karl Barth’s The Epistle to the Romans.
  2. It has been years since I’ve read C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia–really since our son was you, probably over 25 year ago. I think it is time for a re-reading.
  3. There is a stack of books by my bed which is my primary reading pile. Instead of adding to it, I’d like to read down the pile so I can filter in some other books waiting to be read.
  4. I only discovered the work of Mary Oliver with her passing a year ago. I now have one of her books of poetry and a collection of her essays. I want to read them this year.
  5. I’ve heard of the mysteries of Louise Penny and I have the first of her Chief Inspector Gamache series on my stack. I also hope to read one or more of Sinclair Lewis’s Lanny Budd stories.
  6. I want to be a bit more careful on the number of review books I request. I’d like to finish reviews within 60 days of getting books, something I’m not always doing. I do get to them all eventually.
  7. I had to read a Graham Greene novel in college. In the years since I’ve come to a greater appreciation of his work and hope to work in at least one or two of his novels that I have lying around.
  8. I have loved the sports writing of Jane Leavy, having read her biographies of Sandy Koufax and Mickey Mantle, both boyhood heroes. Babe Ruth was before my time, but I just picked up The Big Fella, by Leavy as my baseball read for this year.
  9. I will be reading James Cone’s The Cross and the Lynching Tree for a work discussion, so I’ll throw that into my reading goals.
  10. Finally, I do set a conservative Goodreads Reading Challenge Goal of 130 books. I’ll probably read 40 or 50 more, but there are some long books on my list, so we’ll see.

These reads certainly reflect my own idiosyncrasies and interests. But I love hearing about what others are reading or hoping to read. Let me know what you are reading or hoping to read. And if there is anything here that you are reading, let’s talk!

6 thoughts on “My Reading Goals For 2020

  1. I took a challenge on Bookreads to read 52 books in 2020. Hope I make it. In 2019, I I challenged myself to read 75 books, but only read 64. I am passionate about reading books. This is my life. I am a retired professional librarian. I am so thankful I have the vision to read. If I couldn’t read, my life simply would not be worth living. In my former home, my landlady believed books were a fire hazard. I had to get rid of my precious books! This broke my hear!!!! I now live in a senior living facility and I can have all the books I want. I am in Heaven on Earth. Books are my life. I praise God for the blessings of my books and reading them.


  2. I now realize how haphazard and impulsive my reading choices have been, and you have provided a model for creating my own list of goals more specific than just a number in the GR reading challenge. Backing off a bit from public library and “reading down” my “next up” pile of owned books will be a good start. Another will be not to feel obligated to read every selection of my two book clubs. And yes! Chronicles of Narnia this year. I’ve read only the first one, years ago. Thanks for your post.


  3. I’ve decided to tackle some lengthy books, which means I will read less books but more pages and more thoughtful reading that requires patience. This will help counteract the effects of online reading! I am finishing The Mission of God by Wright (started in 2019). Have 2 lenghty books about Pauline theology, one about Jesus in the NT, one on heaven….others.

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