The Joys of Reading in the Fall

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With the approach of Labor Day weekend, the days are shorter. The heat and humidity of August has given way to cooler, drier days and crisp evenings and the bluest of skies.

I love reading in the fall. Actually, I love reading every time of the year but fall has its own pleasures. Here are a few of them that come to mind:

Being able to sit outside and read without becoming a sweaty mess.

Comfortably gathering outdoors with your book group.

Resting your eyes from reading on fall colors.

Walking in the woods, stopping at a bench or lookout and pulling Walden out of your pocket.

Pumpkin spice drinks to go with your books.

Pressing leaves in your books to remember the season when you re-read that book ten years later.

Those gentle, rainy days when we can sit by the window and nestle into a novel as the rain streaks the window.

Reading scary stories to kids or grandkids as Halloween approaches.

Evenings cool enough to light a fire in the fireplace, while reading in your favorite chair, a warm drink at your hand.

Reading in bed snuggled under the covers that you once again need for those cool nights.

Every season has its joys for the reader. I think part of the joy of reading are the pleasurable contexts within which we read. There is something about the physical surroundings that complements the mental attention of reading–the coolness of the air, the rustle of blowing leaves, the smells of fallen leaves, the beauty of colors, the taste of a drink, the coziness of a comfortable chair, a warm fire, or a snug blanket. Happy autumn reading!

One thought on “The Joys of Reading in the Fall

  1. I love your list. Fall is my favorite season and I was so happy to be able to take my reading outside yesterday where we had a lovely cool breeze without humidity. I would only change on detail to make the list mine — apple cider (especially warmed with a cinnamon stick) will beat out the pumpkin spiced drinks any day for me.


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