Growing Up in Working Class Youngstown — Labor Day Memories

Cartoonist: Clifford Berryman. “Uncle Sam and a schoolboy celebrating Labor Day by bowing and paying homage to the common working man.” Washington Post, September 4, 1899, The U.S. National Archives, Public Domain
Labor Day Memories

A day honoring the hard work of Youngstown's workers

Tributes to work ethic while workers rest

Sleeping in (unless you delivered the paper)

The last fling of summer

The closing day of the Canfield Fair

The final harness races and competitions

Lots of winners ribbons

One more elephant ear

One more afternoon to hang out with friends

The last family picnics

The final time for those burgers and dogs on the grill

Tossing washers or horse shoes

Crystal blue skies heralding the crisp nights of fall

Sunsets before 8 o'clock

School clothes laid out for tomorrow

The first day of school*

So early to bed

It's all of us to work tomorrow!

*When I was growing up, our first day of school was always the day after Labor Day.

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