Favorite Summer Reading Places

Photo by Victoria Rain on Pexels.com

One of the joys of warmer weather is the chance to take one’s reading outdoors. There are a so many places that go well with a book in the summer months. Here are a few that I thought of, and have enjoyed.

Front porches. I grew up in a neighborhood of front porches. Ours had awnings to shade from the afternoon son but were open to catch any cooling breezes. And it was easy to run in the house for a cool iced tea or lemonade.

A bench under a shady tree. We lived near a park with lots of shady areas and conveniently placed benches to make the most of the shade. I’d stick a paper back in a bike bag, go for a ride and find that perfect shady spot.

A hammock. Can you think of a more perfect picture of relaxation? Shade, the hammock perfectly molded to one’s body. The only challenge is staying awake! Better take a thriller with you.

A sidewalk café under an umbrella. Maybe in the cool of the morning with a hot coffee and scone, watching people on their way to work, perhaps reading a newspaper (remember those?) or perhaps a collection of Mary Oliver poetry.

A cabana at the beach. Sure, you can read on a lounge chair in the sun, but when you reach a certain age, you think of all the sand, sun screen, and feeling like you are baking, and a shaded structure to catch the breezes and the glare of the sun on the page makes this an ideal spot at the beach.

On the porch of a cabin by a mountain lake. Getting up early, perhaps with devotional or spiritual literature, listening to the waterfowl and the lapping of the water.

A backyard gazebo. I’ve known a few friends who have them and it can be delightful to slip away to curl up on a bench, take in the view, and lose oneself in a good novel.

The pergola in my backyard in the morning. I spent the mornings of one summer under our pergola reading my way through Calvin’s Institutes in the cool of the morning at a picnic bench with a cup of coffee at hand.

Our air conditioned library on a hot summer afternoon. It isn’t outdoors, but sometimes outdoors is just too hot unless you are in the water. It is a great place to retreat and realize just how many books there are in the world–enough to last a lifetime!

A bookstore with a café. Pick up that new novel or the latest in a mystery series, and head over to the café for an iced drink and get started reading your latest find!

Isn’t it wonderful how many places go well with a book? What are some of your favorites?

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