Airport Reads

Just a quick post today because I’m traveling.  Airport (and airplane) reading is different.  There are all those intrusive TSA announcements and the cabin announcements about seatbelts and other safety items (or apologies for why we are still on the ground).

So I find the ideal book in these circumstances is very different.  One basic qualification is that is very readable and easy to pick up where you left off.  For today, this was Michelle Alexander,s The New Jim Crow which in fact is quite a riveting account of how the war on drugs, sentencing guidelines, imprisonment and the problems that come with felony convictions have created a black and brown underclass (and illuminating to me is that there is just as much white drug abuse but policing has focused on minority communities).

So what will I read if I finish this?  I have some Bernard Cornwell historical fiction, some Agatha Christie, and several Walker Percy novels on my Kindle,  I’ve found the Kindle great for travel–I can have all these books available on this one light tablet.

What do you like to take along with you to while away the hours in airports, or in other forms of travel?

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