What Will You Be Doing This Weekend?

If you are in Columbus in mid-May, you will probably be doing one of the following:

1. Mowing the lawn. In May, it seems you need to do this once every five days. The cycle is like this: Day One: Cut the grass, Day Two: Watch it rain, Day Three: Watch the grass grow, Day Four: Debate cutting the grass but delay due to rain, Day Five: Cut the grass. Then repeat the cycle!

2. Fertilize the lawn. That seems a bit crazy in light of item 1, but Columbus people are crazy about their lawns. No wonder Scott’s Company is located in nearby Marysville!

3. Finish planting your flowers and vegetables. The early birds did all this two weeks ago and are at the garden centers looking for bargains. Worst case: you are going to the garden center for the first time and hoping you are not left with leggy, pathetic plants.

4. If you are done with all that you are probably mulching the beds, preparing to keep them moist on those hot summer days soon to come.

5. Then there are all those bushes and trees that have been growing like crazy–or things like our double knock out roses that suffered from this winter and need cutting back to live wood.

This is the month when it is wonderful to work in the yard. The summer heat of June hopefully has not yet arrived. But the cold, rainy days of April are mostly past.

So what do you do if you don’t have a yard? You can sip a cool drink and watch all those hard working people. Or you can indulge in one of those other favorite activities of people in the C-bus, enjoy a round of golf or go shopping. (For the sports-minded, both the Crew and the Clippers are away this weekend.) Of course there are other alternatives–a trip to one of our wonderful Metro Parks, a visit to an art gallery, or my favorite activity, rain or shine, a trip to your favorite bookstore!

Have a great weekend!

[Disclaimer: None of the above should be construed as professional gardening advice!]

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