What I Like About May

I think May and October are my two favorite months of the year. Maybe in October I will write about that month, but what they both have in common in Columbus, where I live,  is that they are transition months between seasons, and warm but not hot or cold, mostly sunny rather than torrid or dreary.

Some of the things I like about May:

1. Green. Everything growing is such rich and fresh shades of green. This morning, looking out our kitchen windows at the maples on our tree lawn, my eye is caught by both the rich green and the sheen of the leaves. As summer passes, both of these fade.

2. I might complain about cutting it at times, but I love a rich, green lawn, and I actually do like the pleasant satisfaction of the difference, for a few days, an hour’s work makes.

3. Although it is distant from my own experience, I still love the conclusion of the school year and the activities associated with it–proms, graduations, parties. Just hope all the graduates party smart and stay safe!

4. Then there is the anticipation and planning of summer vacations!

5. Baseball. Diehards go to games in April. In May, you can enjoy being at a game where there is just a bit of coolness in the air and no blanket of humidity.

6. It’s also time for barbecues, where you don’t just grill, and rush into the house, but really enjoy good food off the grill in the open air.

7. It’s a great time for walks and hikes.

8. Sitting out in the evening and watching the neighborhood go by. In our neighborhood, it seems everyone is walking dogs and the variety of both is fun to watch.

9. Memorial Day parades. Mostly this is a childhood memory of city officials in convertibles, marching bands, veterans groups, and pretty girls!

10. The first fireworks of the season. In our town, this is the beginning of the buildup to Red, White, and Boom celebrating Independence Day. But from Memorial Day on, kids are shooting off fireworks, it seems, anticipating the big show!

What do you like about May?

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