2018 Best of the Rest

jim sire

James W. Sire

As I wrap up the year at Bob on Books, I’ve posted my “Bob on Books Best Books of 2018” and my “Readers Choice” list of the reviews you, my readers, viewed the most. Still to come for all my Youngstown friends is my best of “Growing Up in Working Class Youngstown of 2018” (coming Saturday!). Today is my “best of the rest” post–the most viewed of the other posts on this blog from the past year. So, without further ado, here they are:

  1. James W. Sire (1933-2018). James Sire was the long-time senior editor at InterVarsity Press, editor of a number of the early works of Francis Schaeffer, a path-breaking work on worldview, and campus apologist for the Christian faith. It was also my privilege to know him personally in later years. This post was my tribute to him on his passing earlier this year. It seems somehow fitting that this one tops the list. He was tops!
  2. Owning Up to Our Sorry Record as Men was my personal reflections on the spate of #MeToo revelations, and our reflex to defend ourselves by saying “not all men.
  3. How Do You Read So Many Books? I share ten practices that make it possible to read quite a few books. The point is not to read as many books as I or others who read many books, but to suggest ways those of us who want to make more space in our lives for books may do that.
  4. “Showrooming” at Bookstores. It is a surprise to me that this post, which just went up a couple days ago, was so popular. I wrote on the practice of going to bookstores, and while in stores (and often on their wi-fi) price-shopping and ordering books you see in the store from online sellers to save a few dollars (or whatever currency you use).
  5. Why Isn’t This Book in the Lectionary? Apparently a number of people wanted to find which book from the Minor Prophets didn’t make the lectionary, and why!
  6. Why I Sing. For eleven years, I have had the joy of singing in an awesome choir, Capriccio. We just performed our Christmas Concert and will start work on the Verdi Requiem in January to perform in late March. In this post, I share all the reasons for why I keep singing.
  7. “Popularizer” is a Dirty Word. This is about how writing or speaking for popular audiences can be the kiss of death for academics.
  8. Ten Books I Want to Read Before I Die. There are numerous lists about books to read before you die. I thought it a better idea to just make my own. And since I wrote this, I’ve read one of those books.
  9. Bob on Books Tips For Reading Well in 2018. I wrote this post on New Year’s Day. “How Do I Read So Many Books?” is a good complement.
  10. Still Evangelical? This was my personal response to the publication of a book by the same title. I explain why, despite all the bad press, and what I consider misbegotten alliances, I still embrace this identity.

I look over this list and it strikes me that it reflects a number of the facets of my life. I’m glad to say that I think it reflects some of the best of my writing and I’m glad many of you thought so. Some of you have started following this blog, or joined the Bob on Books Facebook Page more recently. This list is a pretty good snapshot of the things I care and write about. I’ve never met many of you but I so appreciate you reading, commenting, and passing along some of the things I post. THANK YOU, and have a joyous holiday!

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