Growing Up in Working Class Youngstown — Top Ten of 2016

haluskiIt has been so much fun to interact with so many friends from Youngstown over the past several years through these posts and so I was thinking as I was planning to write a post for Christmas eve, what could I share with you all? I decided that a list of the top ten posts, decided by you, might be the best thing I could share. So without further ado, since I know you all have much to do for Christmas, here is the list. I will just give you the topic of each post, which will be linked back to the post, so you can read it if you wish:

10. My Bucket ListThis was my list of all the places I want to visit when I get time to hang out in Youngstown. Because of foot problems this year, I didn’t get to do that, so it’s still my bucket list!

9. Midway MemoriesThinking back on all the great memories of times at the Canfield Fair.

8. Holy Name Church and SchoolThis fall was the 100th Anniversary of Holy Name Church near where I grew up on the West Side. Shared about the history, some of my own memories, anniversary details and some great pictures courtesy of Tom Balog.

7. Hot Summer NightsWritten last summer, this post evoked for many of us the memories of hot summer nights (usually without A/C) in our growing up years in Youngstown.

6. Shopping PlazasI recall memories of the great shopping plazas around the city, some no longer in existence, including Liberty Plaza, for which I found a great picture, courtesy of the Mahoning Valley Historical Society.

5. Spinning Bowl SaladsMemories of the 20th Century Restaurant and their famous salad, that led to contact with one of the former owners, Morris Levy and the inclusion of his recipe for Spinning Bowl Salads.

4. The Silver BridgeProbably one of the most famous bridges in Mill Creek Park. I write about its construction and history.

3. Snow DrivingI think most of you who have lived somewhere else besides Youngstown agreed that most people in other parts don’t know how to snow drive. I remember how we did it with rear wheel drive cars, no radials, in all kinds of conditions.

2. Wedding SoupI discussed our great love of wedding soup, pointed readers to some sources for recipes, and suggested that there ought to be (if there isn’t) a wedding soup competition! I’ve found you just can’t get good wedding soup elsewhere.

1. Haluski (as you might guess from the picture above). It is no surprise that the top two posts were on food. We love our food. I was surprised how much we love that staple dinner of good comfort food, haluski. And there are pointers to some recipes and a video of a guy making haluski that could have been from Youngstown.

I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed researching and writing them. For Christians of all stripes, I wish you a Merry Christmas, and for those of other faiths, Happy Holidays and wishes that you have wonderful times with those who mean the most to you.


12 thoughts on “Growing Up in Working Class Youngstown — Top Ten of 2016

  1. Bob
    Thanks for revisiting the top 10. My wish that you continue to approve. My husband and I are traveling back to Y-Town on Monday. Looking forward to the visit.
    Happy Holidays to all!

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  2. Bob,
    I love reading your posts about Youngstown! Thanks for posting links to stories I’ll enjoy reading again. I was back in Ytown early October for my 50th Cardinal Mooney reunion.
    Had a great time but never seem to be able to do and visit all the things on my list. I’d like to spend some extended time there when I retire. Hope your foot is healing. I’m hobbling around now with a fractured foot due to a fall. No fun – especially at Christmas!!! Merry C
    hristmas to you and your family! Thanks again for sharing great Youngstown memories!

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  3. Bob I love reading about Youngstown, I have been in Indiana for 10 years but I do get back at least once a year. I do visit Mill Creek everytime and Wedgewood Pizza. I go see the friends at the Casaloma, Styx, and a few other places to have a few with them. I was born there at St. E’s and grew up on the East side till I was about 12 then Austintown. When you grow up with all that good food, a lot of us Italians lived on the eastside. and depending on the block you lived on there were other nationalities. So, we got to learn how to cook and taste new foods. I went to Fitch, and Labor day was 45 reunion. Then married and moved to the West side. I loved it such a great place. I lived there for about 14 yrs.. My daughter went to Holy Name. The Sisters were so good to us. My sister Cindy passed in 2008 and she would make haluski all the time, she loved it. My grandparents came over from Italy, crossed over from the island. On Lansdowne Blvd. there was a block of Coma’a and Compa’s. (it has been so long hope I spelled them right.) Keep up reminding us, I love it. I will be visiting all my friends in the spring. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks for writing about Youngstown, I do share it, on my FB for my Decatur, In. friends.

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  4. Bob, your blog and posts in FB are wonderful, bringing back so many good memories. Keep up the good work!
    My grandparents are immigrants from Slovakia & Croatia, settling in Youngstown & Campbell where I grew up and continue to live. I married into an Italian family had have a wonderful blend of ethnic foods and traditions in our home. Our children have moved to other areas, Columbus, OH & NYC but they always love to come home!
    Have a Happy New Year and keep on writing!

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  6. Thanks for the post. I remember 20th Century very well. Do you recall the name of the restaurant (actually, there were two of them, about two blocks from each other) in the Uptown area? Was it “Mr._____”? Both I think closed by the mid-80’s. Great food.


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